Hello world!

AdobePhotoshopExpress_2016_04_11_11:24:40Greeting Internet Community,

And thank you (in advance) to all who will be partaking in the substance that I provide through my posts, as well as those who are giving substance. Let me start off by saying that I created this blog STRICTLY for the purpose of sharing the things that I encounter as a regular-degular-smegular (in my Cardi-B voice; as yes I do occasionally partake in the guilty pleasure that is ratchet reality tv) wife & mother of 2 living in Baltimore. I have found that throughout my 30 something odd years (*coughs*) of life I have become the self proclaimed “go to gal” amongst my community of friends!! Whether it’s fashion, books, music, electronics, or wall papering; if it’s something that I love (or dislike), I often find myself giving my opinions to all who request or are willing to lend an ear.  I also have created this blog with no particular audience in mind (nor do I expect anyone to actually read this), so all are free to contribute and partake. With all that being said, I invite you to sit back and enjoy “Jewels & the City”.