Jewels For Thought: Job vs Career

Photo Credit: Olu Eletu for Unsplash

Photo Credit: Olu Eletu for Unsplash

Greetings world,

I had another busy (yet productive) weekend, and while in deep thought, I figured it would be a great idea to do a post about a job v.s. a career. Although these two may sound interchangeable, they couldn’t be more vastly different. According to a job is classified as “a regular activity through which an individual can earn money”. To hold a job there is no education or special training required, and is usually short term. Having a job is considered “safe”; and by safe I mean that there is the guaranteed stability of work and income. Read More…  

Jewels Fab Finds: Tees In The Trap!!

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I thought I would do a quick post on one of my favorite novelty t-shirt online shops (especially since its officially festival & concert season)!  Their mantra states that: “Our tees are a little trendy, somewhat edgy and always fly”, this is very much true, as I’m sure you’ll find something that will catch your eye (did u see what I did there…no autographs please).  For those of you wanting to make a statement attending an upcoming festival or concert,  you might wanna check out what Tees-In-The Trap has to offer.  I have the “Cuffing Season Sweatshirt”, & the “Thick Thighs Saves Lives” workout tank.

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Jewels For Thought: 5 Items Every Woman Should Always Have In Her Purse…

Photo Credit: Daydream Delightful

Photo Credit: Daydream Delightful

It’s been a super busy week for me, in real estate (that’s always a great thing), but for ones personal life it can be a drag (hence the lack of posting over the last 2 days); but by no means am I complaining, tho!  Today I decided to do a post on the content of a women’s handbag.  If your like me (and you have a large bag) then I’m sure you know what it feels like to lose EVERYTHING (at the wrong time of course) at the bottom of your bag (or as my girlfriend calls it my luggage, because yes it is that heavy).  I will be the first to admit that 60% of the items in my luggage bag is junk.  Whether it’s old receipts, coupons, bills, toy cars, or bottle tops (don’t ask why); its safe to say they’re items are surely not to be missed!  So as to cut down on the clutter at the bottom of my handbag (& the time I spend searching at the bottom of it), I’ve decided to do a list of the 5 items (aside from your wallet & cellphone) that I believe that every woman should have in her bag…

Trending According To Jewels: Designer Kicks

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Not sure if you got a chance to read my Jewels Gem post about the Valentino RockStud Sneaker (if you didn’t see previous post or click here), but I stated that today I would feature a post about designer sneakers, so here it is!  Now…. by no means am I suggesting that you ditch your Nikes, or Air Jordans (Kemi) for a pair of luxury kicks, but I’m suggesting that you open your minds to the idea of luxury sneakers.  When you think of luxury foot wear you think of high heels, wingtips, or oxfords, so why not sneakers.  Read More… 

Jewels Fab Find

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Jus a quick post on another fabulous item.  So I love designer sneakers and aside from Guiseppe Zanotti sneakers (worthy enough to make any sneaker head drool), I found myself lusting over these babies for 2 years before I finally decided to splurge on a pair (that I found for a discounted price)!  These Valentino Rockstud Camo-Print Sneaker, Green/YellowDetailsCamouflage-print canvas), are made of suede and leather.  They lace-up in front and have a padded collar.  They also have the signature Valentino Rockstuds trim heel with a lugged rubber outsole to provide traction.  These are sure to add a hint of excitement to any look whether it be athletic, casual, or with a dress!  Not to mention the fact that they come in an array of styles (I personally own the ones pictured below). I will be doing a post on designer sneaker trend tomorrow (curated set included)!  How do you feel about the designer sneaker trend?

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