Trending Tuesday: Bodysuits?

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Howdy there folks!!! Todays trending Tuesday topic is focused on the ever popular bodysuit!!!! The bodysuit, a close-fitting one-piece stretch garment for women (typically worn for sports), but has become a staple wardrobe piece for women every where.  The bodysuit was a progression from the leotard, and was presented in the United States after 1950 by fashion designer Claire McCardell.  According to, the first recognized bodysuit was worn by Bettie Page in the 1950s, and was a trademark attire of the Playboy Bunnies from the 1960s, as well as of Wonder Woman as a cartoon character.  Azzedine Alaia and Donna Karan helped make the bodysuit a fashion item for both men and women in the 1980s.  After a slowdown, it was resurrected as shaping underwear or lingerie, and in 2010 it reappeared as a blouse bodysuit and classic turtleneck bodysuit, as well as a part of evening wear.  I must admit, I probably own at least 30 different ones, and I even have a designated drawer for them (because I wear them so much!).  I almost always pair mine with a body-con skirt.  Due to the the wideness of my hips, I only purchase the ones with thong coverage (sorry for the TMI), because I hate panty lines!  So there you have it, what say you, are you here for the bodysuit trend?

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