Thoughtful Thursday: Not Dignifying Every Response ??

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Have you ever come across that one individual who always has something to say about absolutely everything?  He or she is heavily involved in everyones life choices (but their own) & has to let the whole world know how they feel about everything, at every any given moment?  If so then read on…Coming from a society that prides itself in freedom of speech, its easy to get caught up in the mele of giving opinions.  Just so we are clear, having an opinion is totally different from actually giving one.  I have an opinion on just about everything, but it doesn’t mean that I go around giving it.  With that being said, please know that every negative thought or comment said to you or about you doesn’t need to be addressed.  I am a firm believer in the flow of energy (both positive & negative).  What ever you put out in the universe, you get right back.  There is an old saying “that which is understood, need not be explained”.  This simply means that there are some things that don’t dignify a response; because well lets face it, opinions are like ass holes and just because everybody got one, doesn’t mean that they need to go around giving it.

-Thoughtfully Jewels!

BCW: Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser

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Happy hump day ?.  I love Wednesdays ?, it’s the weeks constant reminder that the weekend is near ?.  This weeks BCW is once again focused around skincare!  If your familiar with the YES line then you might wanna checkout another awesome product; but if your not then this is definitely the post for you.  Yes To Cucumbers Daily Gel Cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin.  Cool and refreshing, this paraben-free gel deep cleans gently lifting dirt and impurities leaving your complexion soothed, calm and rejuvenated.  I mix this with my St. Ives Green Tea Blackhead Clearing Scrub to wash my face.  Not too harsh on the skin, the combination of both products, creates the perfect exfoliating experience!  If your in the market for a new cleanser, I recommend you give this one a try!  Your face will thank you for it ?

Trending Tuesday: Matching Separates

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Hey y’all!!!!  Todays trend centers around Matching sets.  Before I head out for a night out with the girls, I need at least 2 hours (pre- outfit ??) to get ready.  I often need an entire day of focus and concentration before I can fully commit to an outfit; and even still I have be known to do the ole switch-a-roo & go with a whole other outfit ?!!! This can become very exhausting (and frustrating).  If your anything like me (indecisive when it comes to choosing an outfit), then this trend is sure to peak your interest!!  Matching sets makes life so much easier.  While I feel matching sets are an instant outfit, some feel that they are too matchy-matchy & prefer separates.  Im obviously a fan of this trend, so I’ve curated some of my personal favorites.  How do you feel, are you guys here for this trend?

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Sunday Funday: Del Campo Restaurant Washington D.C.

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Happy Sunday!!! Can you believe the weekend is just about over!!! And then its back to the hustle & bustle of work life.  Today I will be dining at Del Campo Restaurant!! Ive never eaten here but after reading some of the reviews, I figured why not?  Im not a steak person but I am all about trying NEW experiences (this includes food choices and recreational activities).  The food was great!!!  I had the steak and eggs (not pictured…thanks a lot Gabby ?), and the Cast Iron Pancakes.  Those were the best pancakes that I have ever tasted.  They were so fluffy, they melted in my mouth (like cotton candy)!!! The butter ice cream was delicious!!  I also had the opportunity to sample the Empanadas (pictured below) and Lamb Shoulder.  The portions were small especially given the price, but overall the experience was great.  I would definitely revisit.

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For-Real Saturday: 10 Tips For A Successful Open House!

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Greetings world!! This installment of For-Real Saturday is centered around the dreaded “Open  House”!!  Any Realtor knows that nine times out of ten the customer coming through the Open House is not going to buy that particular house.  With this being said, the purpose of an open house it to generate foot traffic  or a buzz about the property.  Open Houses are excellent marketing tools for realtors to drum up new business.  I often conduct open houses for my brokers listings and when doing so (& in orer to ensure that each one is a continued success), I follow the steps listed below:

  1.  Place the Open House on and in the MLS atleast 5 days before your open house.
  2. Door Knock the Neighborhood.  This helps get traffic into the Open House and impresses possible up and coming sellers
  3. Previews Property in the Area.  You need to know and see other properties that are less expensive and more expensive and/or larger than home that your holding the open house at.  Preparing a list of homes for sale in the neighborhood up to 25,000 higher and 25,000 lower then your open house price will give you an opportunity to win some of these people over as potential clients (if they aren’t already working with an agent) because you already are knowledgable about the market.
  4. Sign Placement.  having the proper signs in place to alert people that there is an open house taking place.  This can be achieved with “open house” signs , and balloons.
  5. Have access to the internet.  This will enable you to look up any questions that potential customers/or clients may have that you don’t know.
  6. Dress Professionally.  First impression is everything and you never get a second first impression. It’s very important to keep on a professional level.
  7. Bring Snacks or Food.  You will find that people don’t typically eat anything but offering guests snacks and beverages really leaves a long standing impression (especially with children that accompany parents) and on hot summer days.
  8. Getting Contact info.  Sign in sheets are an absolute MUST!!  I greet people at the door and welcome them & immediately direct them the the sign in sheet.
  9. Open House Fliers.  I always bring Open House fliers provided by a lender.  On one side it has information on the house.  On the back side it has boxes which give different lending ways to purchase the home with payments.  Like 10% down verses 20% down.  FHA verses conventional. It’s a conversational piece and shows them options of affordability.
  10. Bringing Extras.  Have a brochure about ” You the Realtor”.  Pass them out or sometimes staple them to the Open House flier.

And there you have it!!! I hope these tips inspire you to do well in real estate, and propel you towards success!