Jewels In the City: iFly Baltimore

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Happy Sunday!!!  Today I spent an awesome Sunday with my family at iFly Baltimore!  Plenty of people have dreamed of having the ability to fly & this place offers people the closest thing to that.  iFly is an indoor skydiving experience.  Flying is what everybody has dreamed about once in their life so why not go for it!  Each participant is given two 2min turns (with a highly experienced instructor) in a cylindrical room filled with 100 mph wind gusts shooting from a grated floor.  Each diver is also given the opportunity to experience higher heights by flying 15ft in the air (for an additional fee of course)!! It was an awesome experience!  You guys should definitely check it out!

Jewels & The City: Hot Hatty B’s Chicken ?

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

As some of you may know, I recently visited the city of Nashville for a family reunion.  While out there, my family and I had the opportunity to experience fried chicken at its finest ??.  There was a 45min wait just to place an order and a line that nearly wrapped around the building!  While I must admit, the chicken was absolutely the best that I have tasted thus far (hands down) & well worth the 45min wait, however their side itms fell short (all of them, including the banana pudding)!  If your ever in Nashville make sure to visit (but pass on the sides), you won’t be disappointed!  Take look below at what we ordered.


Jewels & The City: Julians Birthday ?@ Stratosphere Trampoline Park

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HappyBirthday Julian O. Harris ??!!! This edition of Jewels & The City is centered around the love of my life Julian (named after me of course)!!! My baby big boy turned seven years old today and we celebrated at Stratosphere Trampoline Park!!!!  If you guys into the whole bouncy atmosphere (but for adults), then this is definitely the place for you! At this park you can jump, bounce, flip, and twist your way around our wall to wall trampolines.  Theres also a Ninja Warrior Course where you can test your skills, or you can blast your opponent at a game of dodge ball.  Take your skills to new heights on the Hubble Bubble, test your cowboy skills on the mechanical bull, beat the best score in the arcade area, or unwind in the snack shack and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. Birthday party packages start as low as $150, and are are available with private party rooms for your family and friends to spend the special day.  We truly had a blast ?!  If your in the market for a great facility to host a birthday party for your little one, I definitely suggest you check this place out ?.

For-Real Saturday: 10 Tips For A Successful Open House!

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Greetings world!! This installment of For-Real Saturday is centered around the dreaded “Open  House”!!  Any Realtor knows that nine times out of ten the customer coming through the Open House is not going to buy that particular house.  With this being said, the purpose of an open house it to generate foot traffic  or a buzz about the property.  Open Houses are excellent marketing tools for realtors to drum up new business.  I often conduct open houses for my brokers listings and when doing so (& in orer to ensure that each one is a continued success), I follow the steps listed below:

  1.  Place the Open House on and in the MLS atleast 5 days before your open house.
  2. Door Knock the Neighborhood.  This helps get traffic into the Open House and impresses possible up and coming sellers
  3. Previews Property in the Area.  You need to know and see other properties that are less expensive and more expensive and/or larger than home that your holding the open house at.  Preparing a list of homes for sale in the neighborhood up to 25,000 higher and 25,000 lower then your open house price will give you an opportunity to win some of these people over as potential clients (if they aren’t already working with an agent) because you already are knowledgable about the market.
  4. Sign Placement.  having the proper signs in place to alert people that there is an open house taking place.  This can be achieved with “open house” signs , and balloons.
  5. Have access to the internet.  This will enable you to look up any questions that potential customers/or clients may have that you don’t know.
  6. Dress Professionally.  First impression is everything and you never get a second first impression. It’s very important to keep on a professional level.
  7. Bring Snacks or Food.  You will find that people don’t typically eat anything but offering guests snacks and beverages really leaves a long standing impression (especially with children that accompany parents) and on hot summer days.
  8. Getting Contact info.  Sign in sheets are an absolute MUST!!  I greet people at the door and welcome them & immediately direct them the the sign in sheet.
  9. Open House Fliers.  I always bring Open House fliers provided by a lender.  On one side it has information on the house.  On the back side it has boxes which give different lending ways to purchase the home with payments.  Like 10% down verses 20% down.  FHA verses conventional. It’s a conversational piece and shows them options of affordability.
  10. Bringing Extras.  Have a brochure about ” You the Realtor”.  Pass them out or sometimes staple them to the Open House flier.

And there you have it!!! I hope these tips inspire you to do well in real estate, and propel you towards success!

Sunday Fun-Day: Philly Formation Tour!!!!!

Formation World Tour Philly

Formation World Tour Philly

Greetings TO all!!!!!  Im just coming of if what id like to call a fantabulous weekend!!!!!!!!!  My girlfriend invited me to the Beyonce Formation World Tour and I had a ball!!  This was my first concert (aside from summer jam like 6 years ago), and it was everything I could have hoped for and more!!!



Jewels In The City: Warwick Hotel In Downtown Philly


Warwick Hotel Lobby

Warwick Hotel Lobby

Whilst in Philly anxiously awaiting the concert, my girlfriend and I stayed at the Warwick Hotel located in downtown Philly.  This hotel was not only swank, chic, and swank, it was central to all the shops downtown!  We parked our car and walked everywhere for the duration of our stay.  We ate at the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, then we ate at IHOP , and shopped at a thousand stores!! it was awesome.  If your in Philly, make the Warwick your home away from home, you won’t regret it!

Fo-Real Saturday: How To Market Yourself As A Realtor (Part 1)

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

As you all know saturdays are strictly designated for real estate so todays topic is geared towards marketing yourself as a real estate agent.  Any seasoned agent will tell you that the first step in becoming a successful agent is Marketing.  Marketing (not to be confused with branding) is the action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising; the key word being promoting, followed by the sentence product or services.  For all intense purposes, were are going to focus on the services part because obviously as an agent your offering (or promoting) your services as an agent, and we will delve into the “market research” in a few.  So, lets take it from the top….being successful in real estate comes from promoting your services as an agent.  This means conveying to others why they should choose you (among the hundreds of thousands of agents out there).  I always tell new agents coming into the business, the best place to start is finding a target market in this business, and heres where the market research comes into play.  There are so many facets in real estate that its almost impossible to be excellent in all areas, so why not pick one (or two) and become the master of those areas?  If you love the thrill that comes with helping first time homebuyers cross the home ownership threshold with great pride, then become a master in that market.  If you love helping public servants (teachers, fire fighters, police, etc) claim a slice in the home ownership pie, then cater to that target audience.  Once you’ve identified (& mastered) your niche in real estate, then you can tell your target audience that your are well versed in what ever specialty area that you chose, and viola!! Theres your schtick!  Once you have that, then the rest is pretty much the “push” portion of your marketing.  By “push” I mean the “Push Tactic”.  This is the “My services are better than the other service” spiel.  We can go into depth with Push Tactics next Saturday.  So your homework (until next time) is: Finding Your Niche!  Hope you enjoyed this read!  Let me know what you think!

Sunday Fun-day: Shopping For Graduation Dresses

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Happy Sunday to all!  If your on the east coast like me then your sick and tired of this rainy weather!  Rather than spend time in the house (praying for sunshine), I decided to take my daughter out to look for a graduation dress.  What I thought would be a daunting task, turned out to be “easy-breezy-peasy”!!! We hit the jackpot at our first store.  There were four potential dresses (all of them were similar in style and color), but the details of the dress that we picked had us SOLD!  I had purchased her shoes (see photo below) from one of my favorite sites LuLu’ 2 weeks ago, so we were all good to go on that end.  That was a toughie, considering that my daughter is 14, thin, leggy, and wears a size 9 in women’s.  Typically I would have just opted for a ballet flat, but ballet flats can look really plain.  My daughter has so many that they all start to look the same.  I thought it was time that I explore other options like a cute age appropriate heel.  I wanted a sandal with a heel that was not too high or thin, and I found just that!  I wasn’t sure that if she would like them, but she absolutely loves them.  She loved them so much she wore them to her 8th grade dance!!  She convinced me by saying that she needed to practice wearing them before graduation, so that she could become used to wearing a shoe with a heel, lol!!  Her complete ensemble is pictured above!

Fo-Real Saturday: Maryland Zombie Foreclosures

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Imagine this scenario: You and your family complete the “American Dream” by purchasing a 4 bedroom, 3 bath home in the suburbs complete with a white picket fence.  Several years down the road, you lose your job, and you and your family are no longer capable of of affording the mortgage on your dream home.  You move your family out after foreclosure has been started, but for some reason the foreclosure is cancelled, the sale is never held, or title is never officially transferred to a new owner.  As a result, title remains in your name.  This is known as a Zombie Foreclosure, and according to Realty Trac 9.7% of houses and condos in foreclosure in Baltimore are vacant.  Those staggering results are tantamount to abandoned property, and can not only wreak havoc on a persons credit, but does absolutely nothing for property values in the area.  So as not to become the victim a Zombie Foreclosure, it is imperative that you remain in your home for as long as possible during a foreclosure; and see the entire process through and wait for an official notice to vacate before actually moving out.  It is also recommended that you receive the confirmation of transfer of title.  This can be done by visiting the county recorder’s office in which the property is located to make sure a new deed has been recorded. You can also check your local county recorder’s website.  There are even online search tool you can use to find out which documents have been recorded.  Please protect your credit & avoid becoming the victim of a Zombie Foreclosure.