Fab Find: Anya Hindmarch Leather Stickers!!

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Photo Credit: boutique1.com

Hey all!!!  Its been a few Fridays since I’ve done a fab find post (& for that, I ask that you forgive me ?), lol!!  If your into creativity and artistic expression (like myself), then these leather stickers by Anya Hindmarch are just the thing for you!!! Founded in 1987, Anya Hindmarch is a British luxury accessories brand known for its creativity, craftsmanship, personalization, and humor.  These whimsical stickers leather stickers allow you to PERMANENTLY customize anything & have quickly become an industry favorite and a social media mainstay.  I have been eying these stickers for a while and when I see them, I must fight the urge to buy (considering they come with a hefty price tag) every time.  While I love the idea of these stickers, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that although I love the idea of personalizing my leather agenda booklet with them, I am a bit leery about graffitiing any of my (soho) bags with them (although the soho tote would make an excellent canvas for these babies).  That brings me to the question at hand today.  Would you so boldly customize your handbag with these quirky Anya Hindmarch’s leather stickers, or is the commitment too much? If you love them, check out how I would design a Louis Vuitton Agenda Book below!

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Fab Friday Find: GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag ? by Gucci

Photocredit: Neiman Marcus

Photo Credit: Neiman Marcus

Happy Fri-yay ?!!!  Todays fab Friday find is a doozie ? (and a bank breaker).  Todays fab find is the GG Marmont 2.0 Medium Quilted Shoulder Bag.  I have been absolutely in love with Gucci since the beginning of time (and they have never disappointed).  This season however, they have managed to successfully revamp their iconic style & taken the fashion world by storm!  Founded in Florence in 1921, Gucci is one of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands, with a renowned reputation for creativity, innovation and Italian craftsmanship.  Gucci is part of the Kering Group, a world leader in apparel and accessories that owns a portfolio of powerful luxury and sport and lifestyle brands.  I have been dreaming about this bag for 2 weeks now and I must have it!!!  It comes in white, black, red, & and chevron!!! I must admit that I am smitten by all four, but I’m gonna invest in the black (fingers crossed ✌?)!!!!  What do you guys think, is it worth the splurge?

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Fab Find Friday: West Africa Vintage Inspired One Piece from Deusa ??

Photo Credit: deusa.la

Photo Credit: deusa.la

Thank goodness its Friyay!!! Todays fab find is this West Africa Vintage Inspired One Piece from Deusa.com!!!!  I have been searching for the perfect one piece swimsuit for sometime and thanks to one of my favorite fashion websites, this swimsuit just happen to fall right into my lap!!  I rep hard for my country, so theres no surprise as to why I absolutely love this swimsuit.  This one piece high cut vintage inspired West Africa swimsuit with cheeky back bottom, is 80% nylon, 20% spandex.  With a variety of african regions available, I implore you to rep your african region by asking, “Where are you from?

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Fridays Fab Find: ColourPop Man Eater Metallic Lippie

Photo Credit: Google Images

Photo Credit: Google Images

Happy Friday ?…This post is super Late but Better Late than never!  This weeks fab find is a product from Color Pop Cosmetics!! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Color Pop, let me be the first to introduce you.  This LA based cosmetic company became a social media sensation almost 2 years ago.  The brand is super affordable and the pigments are of great quality.  I love all things sparkly and metallic so there no wonder why I’m drawn to to this color.  Plus, if your a fan of MAC, this is a close substitute for Jist!!!  I’m so into lipstick right now so this is one of my faves!

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Fridays Fab Find: Shani Crowe

Photo Credit: shanicrowe.com

Photo Credit: shanicrowe.com

Happy Friday folks!!  This weeks Fab Find is centered around cultural art.  For those of you all who don’t know I was born in ?? Lagos Nigeria and although I arrived to this country in 1982, I have very strong ties to my Afrikan roots and culture.  I often cook Nigerian food (my daughter & son are both are addicted to), and I love ALL things reminiscent of my culture & heritage; from the colorful ankara fabrics that we use to make our fashionable garments, down to the cornrows and braids that we wear in our hair (that you can often find my daughter and I sporting).  While perusing one of my favorite sites, I stumbled across the above photoed exhibition entitled BRAIDS by an artist named Shani Crowe.  Her Bio reads: Shani Crowe is an interdisciplinary artist from Chicago’s south side.  She received her BFA in film production from Howard University’s John H. Johnson School of Communications in 2011.  Her work is centered on cultural coiffure and beauty ritual, as they relate to the diasporic African, and how these practices function as tools to foster connectivity.  I am LOVE art (not to mention Afrikan art) so there is no surprise that the above prints would catch my eye!  Both images are available in 12 x 15 inch, B/W Giclee print on German etching paper for $75!  This creative exhibit even offers greeting available in packs of 3’s for $15 available as shown below!  Hope you guys like todays Fab Find, have an awesome weekend!

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Friday Fab Find: Toffee Fedora Hat With Gold Leather Band by Ashaka Givens

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Happy Friday to all!!! as the weekend draws near.  Todays fab Friday find is centered around what has become a budding favorite accessory of mine, HATS!!!!!!! Ladies (and some gents); if your anything like me and your in search of an awesome hat to help elevate your fall fashion game, then search no more.  This Toffee Fedora Hat With Gold Leather Band is sure to have you stand out this fall!  Paired with torn jeans, a statement belt, suede booties, and wool full length coat; your sure to be the talk of any event upon entering the room!   If your up for the splurge then head over to ashakagivens.com or her ETSY shop , & whilst your there be sure to checkout her other fabulous frocks like ankara skirt, playsuits, rompers, dresses, and much much more!!  Check out the set I’ve curated below using this haute fedora as my inspiration, Caio!!

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Jewels Design On A Dime…

Photo Credit my-homemate.com

Photo Credit my-homemate.com

Im going throughout the motions and trying my hand at interior decorating (within the confines of my own home), and with trying to incorporate a variety of content for my blog I decided to recreate a luxury room for a fraction of the original cost.  I picked this room because it embodies the essence of subtle contemporary glam (as the title suggests).  In order to achieve this similar look in any room or home, the key pieces to take note of are the chandelier, tufted headboard, sideboard table, table lamp, & Dresser.  The other knickknacks can be scored at various places and are to taste (so long as they fit the soft subtle glam theme and are some shade of white).  If your up for the challenge, you can paint the walls grey (colors swatch shown below) or if your feeling extra creative, you can do an adhesive wall paper accent wall (suggestions shown below).  The printed wallpaper adds texture to the room without overwhelming the space.  Below are some items that fit the general motif of the theme.  Check them out!

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.55.20 PM

From left to right:


Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 12.21.17 PM

  1.  $139 Upholstered Headboard by Three Posts in Linen
  2. $147.99 Joyce Upholstered Headboard by Three Posts in Linen
  3. $ 104.99 Windham Console Table by Threshold in Grey
  4. $599.99 Belmar Gray Dresser
  5. $65.00 Crystal Globe Table lamp Homegoods
  6. $152 Similar to one shown above can be found Here

Flash Sale: 40% Off The Outnet

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Just a quick FYI, one of my favorite places to shop for designer goods (for a fraction of the price), is having their Flash Sale!!!  While I’m sure every fashionista from all over the world has heard of The Outnet, but if you haven’t well let me be the first to introduce you.  Deemed The Most Fashionable Fashion Outlet Since its launch in April 2009 (by The Net-A-Porter Group), the outnet.com has established itself as the go-to destination for the global style-conscious shopper.  With new arrivals every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, shopping at THE OUTNET is guaranteed to take your style to the next level!  I shop here quite often, & while I won’t be able to purchase from this sale, I have gathered some cute items that I feel are “Splurge Worthy”.  Everything you see below is currently available (for now) on their website at an ADDITIONAL 40% off!!! Check them out below, and if your up for the splurge make sure you check out the sale!

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Fab Find Friday: Gucci Soho Card Holder

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Happy Friday!!!!!  Im sooooooooooo happy this week is finally over and the weekend is here!  I can’t wait for Beyonce’s Formation Tour in Philly this sunday!! I will definitely be doing a jewels in the City Post for this Tour, so please stay tuned!! Any who, todays fab find is centered around the savvy business professional (such as myself).  If your in need of a cute, yet simple business card holder, then search no more.  This business card holder adds a sleek & clean finish to the already polished business professional.  Made from supple patent leather, this 2.7″W x 4″H holder comes in an array of colors.  If you looking to elevate your swag a couple of notches, then this is definitely the item for you!

Fab Find Friday: “You Are A Bad Ass”

Photo Credit: whatisperfection.com

Photo Credit: whatisperfection.com

Hello all!! I know I’m super late with my “Fab Find Friday” post, but better late than never!  Todays fab find comes in the form of a book!!  When I initially decided that I wanted to start blogging (and aside from reading kick ass self-motivating books such as Girl Boss & Blog Inc), I told myself that I wanted to incorporate some sort of quasi-reading book club into my blog (I know it sounds lame). I felt like through doing book posts, It would 1: help me kick my almost 7 year ADHD stint that has been almost impossible for me to break since having my son; 2: give you guys something other than the typical fashion, beauty, & self absorbing type of substance that I absolutely love, but can also get boring really quickly.  This week has been really emotionally draining for me for a number of reasons (but thats a story for another day).  I was in one of my absolutely fave stores (Target) and I decided to peruse the book section and I stumbled across this book “You Are A Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life“.  Given the kind of week I have been going through, this book spoke to me for obvious reasons.  Let me just say that I do not consider myself to be the self help book type at all, but I took it as a sign of divine intervention.  This book is about exactly what the title suggests and more.  By the end of this book, you will not only understand “why you are how you are, how to love what you can’t change, how to change what you don’t love, but how to start living the kind of life you used to be jealous of”.  So to kick-off my idea of frequently blogging about substance in the form of literature, I will be taking you guys with me on my journey of becoming an official “Bad Ass”.  I hope you enjoy!